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Third in a series of free projects, with everything you need. Have fun painting and look for the next in the series.


Signs of Spring

©2009 Anne Hunter

(pattern is included following the instructions)

Paints Jo Sonja’s background colors

Wood Violet               Azure blue                   Island Sand                 Sunflower

Tiger Lily                    Shamrock                    Tree Frog Green


Texture paste

Clear Glazing Medium

Matte Varnish

Brushes Scharff series:  #245 4, 6, 8, dome; 1” bristle fitch base coater; #4 duster

Surfaces: #943 candle holder, JB Wood Products; #2844-41 basket, door hanger, The Creative Touch, 508-485-9306, or


Sand and seal the wood pieces.  Paint design area of the candle holder, the lid of the basket and the front of the door hanger with a rough, heavy coat of Wood Violet + Texture paste 1:1.  Paint uneven and multidirectional strokes using a 1” base coater.  Let dry completely.  Sparsely load a #4 duster with Azure Blue and scumble over the surface to create some interest.  Paint the trim nearest the top of the candle holder and the rim of the basket lid with Tiger Lily;  and scumble over with a 8 dome sparsely loaded with Sunflower Yellow; paint the top and front of the candle holder with Azure Blue, scumble over with the 4 duster sparsely loaded with Island Sand.

Trace the pattern onto tracing paper and transfer onto the pieces. 

General information

The objects in this design are not fully base coated.  They are developed, using the background color as the shadow, working lighter colors to form the base, add light areas and highlights.  Each section is worked from the highlights into the shadows, leaving the background visible in the shadows.

Dry Brush scumble: Used to create form, texture, highlights or shadows and accents.  Load just the tips of a scumbler with paint, then, pounce lightly on your disposable palette to evenly distribute the paint.  Remove the excess paint by softly stroking over dry paper toweling.  Apply to painting surface with a light pressure, using a circular motion for form and accents, in a back and forth motion to create texture on backgrounds.



Lightly scumble over the leaves with a 6 dome loaded with Shamrock.  Apply more Shamrock to the lightest areas.  Leave some of the background showing in the dark areas.  This is left as the shadow.  Add Tree Frog Green to the dirty brush and brighten the light areas.  Be sure to leave Some shamrock showing as the middle value.  Add sunflower to the dirty brush and apply the highlights.


Apply Sunflower to the petals, the trumpet and throat of the flowers with a 4 or 6 dome depending on the size and shape of the section to be painted; starting in the highlight areas.  Look to the photo for placement.  Add Sunflower + Island Sand 1:1 to the dirty brush for the next layer, add Island Sand to the dirty brush and add the highlights.  Add Tiger Lily to the brush and tap into the center of the flower.


Sparsely load a clean 6 dome with tiger Lily and add tints to the leaves and flowers.  The tints are best applied in the middle value.


Let the painting dry for at least 48 hours.  Set the design with a generous coat of Clear Glazing medium.  Varnish with 2 or more coats of Matt varnish.



We carry  the full line of Scharff brushes and DecoArt Americana paints. Call (508) 485-9306 or for prices and further details.

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